Pre check-in instructions


Customers can check-in prior to the hire date and provide all relevant information listed below. You can do this by entering your 5-digit reservation number and your last name in our Customer Check-in page.


If you do not have a 5-digit reservation number or your reference number you have does not work, please email us at with the reference number that you received when making your reservation.


When you pre check-in you will be asked to complete the following items:


Customer Details:

Date of Birth
Email Address
Licence Number
Issuing State or Country
Licence Expiry
Mobile Number
Home Address


Extra Drivers:

Details of additional drivers


Booking Details:

Choose on the list of extra items you may need during your hire like GPS, booster seat, etc.
Select your preferred insurance option. All available insurance options are outlined in the Insurance and Liability Limit page of our website.
Provide additional details such as the number of travellers and flight number. In the ‘Comments’ section, provide the names of other passengers who will be riding the vehicle with you. This will allow us to ensure contact tracing is available when needed.


Upload Images:

Upload a clear copy of your driver’s licence. If you have added another driver to your hire, there will be an additional section to upload a photo of their licence too.


Collect Credit Card:

This section will allow you to securely enter your credit card details in our vault. This allows us to process all payments or pre-authorisation in your preferred card. If you feel hesitant, please feel free to send us an email, or give us a call instead and we can process the payment for you.


Stop here.


Once your credit card details are entered, all payments and pre-authorisations are processed securely by our staff member. We will then send you a copy of the rental agreement for e-signing. Customers will have the option to e-sign on or before the hire date.


You can access the precheck in page HERE





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