The ___mode Journey


Whether you’re in adventure mode, relaxation mode or just-gotta-get-there mode, we can get you there your way because your journey is as important to us as our own.


At ___mode, we are travellers helping other travellers - with local knowledge, and a wide range of both modern and economy vehicles to suit any mode. If you’re looking for a rental with a difference, you’ve come to the right place.


As a family business with over thirty years of experience in the market under our combined brands, serving local and international customers, ___mode brings expertise, reliability and innovation to the New Zealand rental car & camper market. And we’re growing fast. With new branches opening around the country, we’re striving to provide better accessibility and flexibility to all our customers. With the future of travel changing rapidly, we’re working to ensure we solve problems you don’t even know exist yet.


At ___mode, we’re committed to your journey. Nothing excites us like hearing your discoveries, your adventures, your what-happened-next. We know that a trip isn’t just about the vehicle you drive; it’s about where you go and how you get there. That’s why we share our local knowledge with you, to inspire your journey and make it more interesting, fun and rewarding.


When you walk into one of our branches, we’re ready to give you the best tips and knowledge we can, along with the perfect vehicle. We strive to enable you to experience Aotearoa exactly the way you choose to because when you drive across New Zealand, we journey with you.


So what are you waiting for? Join us, choose your mode and let us make your travel stories your best stories yet.



If you are interested in becoming part of the ___mode team, check out our current Job Vacancies.

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